First Transnational project meeting

First Transnational project meeting held in Oslo November 22. and 23.

From left: Juan Carlos Colomer – University of Valencia. Tonje Hilde Giæver – Oslo Metropolitan University. Ove Edvard Hatlevik – Oslo Metropolitan University. Anubha Rohatgi – University of Oslo. Gréta Björk Gudmundsdottir – University of Oslo. Hector Hernandez – University of Valencia. Bård Ketil Engen – Oslo Metropolitan University. Louise Mifsud – Oslo Metropolitan University. Josephine Milton – University of Malta. José Ramón Insa – University of Valencia. Adrian McDonagh – University of Limerick. Oliver McGarr -University of.Limerick (Not present Patrick Camilleri – University of Malta and Inger Throndsen – University of Oslo).

The DiCTE project addresses the need in EU policies for newly graduated student teachers to be able to teach using ICT, and for data on students’ digital competence. It focuses on the need to enhance ICT in teaching and learning in teacher training programs and to promote consistency between different European nations, and thereby develop and strengthen the student teachers’ digital competence.

You can read more about the about the project on our about page

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