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Student teachers’ research and development (R&D) practice – constraining and supporting practice architectures Beverley Goldshaft, Ela Sjølie & Monica Johannesen An important aim of teacher education is to produce teachers who are innovators and education researchers who engage in continuous learning about teaching as part of their professional lives. For student teachers to develop research skills and turn their knowledge into professional research and development (R&D) competence, they must practice their skills and apply their knowledge to relevant contexts. This study uses the theory of practice architectures as a theoretical and analytical lens to examine the arrangements that enable and constrain student teachers’ R&D practice. A descriptive case study was conducted with participants from two practicum groups from a master’s programme in Norway. While the use of observational tools was found to enable R&D practice, constraining arrangements were also identified. The article argues for greater attention to student teachers’ research activities during practicum, particularly organisational conditions needed to enhance the relationship between university learning and practicum-based learning. Read fulltext: