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This thesis explores the development and sharing of digital competence in a community during pre-service teachers’ placement practice. The thesis is based on two areas within the professional digital competence framework for teachers which is, interaction and communication competence, and change and development competence. The research question of the paper is in what ways can participation in the practice school’s professional community contribute to the development of digital interaction, communication and change competence?

The data has been gathered through semi-structured interviews with practice teachers and analyzed using the terms “mutual engagement,” “joint enterprise” and “shared repertoire” from community of practice. The terms participation, membership, tacit and explicit knowledge is used for identifying pre-service teachers’ involvement and the sharing of competence within the professional community.

The data in this paper show that pre-service teachers and practice teachers create a community. This gives opportunities for the development of digital competence through discussions concerning situations, technology, and good teaching practice. The data further show that pre-service teachers get opportunities for participation and interaction with a professional community outside of the practice group. Conversely, it is not clear or commonly pointed out by the practice teachers whether the pre-service teachers actively contribute to this community. Factors such as the pre-service teachers’ level of subject and digital competence, may impede further participation in the professional community. Furthermore, the length of the placement practice and pupils’ level of competence are factors as well that influences the pre-service teachers’ experiences and opportunities. However, through conversations with the practice teacher about their experiences and the situations that arise in technology-rich classrooms, the pre-service teachers will in an interplay of explicit and tacit knowledge, receive insight in complex pedagogical problems that are a part of the professional practice. This will contribute to the development of competence regarding interaction, communication, change and development. However, it is important to point out that the data and prior research, suggests that this should happen within a community consisting of more than the practice teacher, where the pre-service teachers can get several insights, reflections and a wider understanding of the joint enterprise and shared repertoire which is part of the professions practice.

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